About Zone

Zone Architectural Products is proud to offer a select range of quality products for the commercial construction industry. Split into two categories, specialist coatings and architectural equipment.

Zone’s focus is on time, cost and quality. We strive to ensure that our products are available when needed, hence the majority of our sales are ex our Auckland warehouse. The quality of our products is assured. Leading manufacturers are dependent upon their reputation being upheld in all respects, and Zone is no exception. Strong brands in each category are the norm, and our commitment to our customers and end users is to provide a consistent level of quality and service with high levels of communication.

Much of today’s construction market is on extremely tight programs; Zone aims to ensure that these programs are always achieved. Our reputation for excellence in delivery lead times is well earned, where most of our product range is available within two weeks of ordering.

Bobrick Stainless Steel Commercial Accessories

The range of accessories includes hand dryers, shower seats, paper towel and soap dispensers, waste receptacles, mirrors, sanitary napkin disposals, toilet tissue dispensers, grab bars and a range of hotel accessories including soap dishes, hooks, and clothes lines.

Koala Kare Baby Change Stations

Koala lead the world in this category, and in fact Koala was the FIRST baby station of its type ever made. It also now contains an anti-bacteria formulation MICROBAN that greatly reduces the risk of the spread of bacteria and infection.

Tepromark Wall Protection Systems

For over two years, Zone has been providing Tepromark Wall and Corner Protection to a select number of local clients, whilst working with our supplier and customers to perfect, what is now, one of the highest quality and most durable wall protection systems on the New Zealand market.

Balco Expansion & Seismic Joints

Balco Expansion Joints provide a wide selection of quality expansion and seismic joints for floors, walls, ceilings and roofs. Our range of expansion and seismic joints are proven to perform in multidimensional thermal and seismic movements, aid fire safety, and assist in fulfilling other specialized design criteria.

Zolatone Multicolour Interior Wall Finish

Zolatone water based Multicolour coatings are hard wearing proven wall finishes now made under licence in New Zealand. Outstanding list of universities, schools, hospitals, airports and many other commercial environments, including inter island ferries are testament to the enduring and easy care outcomes that the Zolatone finishes offer building owners and managers.

Water borne interior wall and ceiling finishes designed for areas that are subjected to high wear and tear. MICROBAN is also a part of the formula that ensures spread of infection and bacteria is reduced, and of course this Scrub Tough easily endures the tougher environments in hospitals where walls and coatings are often scrubbed and washed to reduce the risk of infection.

FireZone Intumescent Coatings

FireZone products are Zone’s latest generation of fire resistant coatings to achieve fire ratings on combustible substrates and comply with the NZBC.

FireZone 92 is a CLEAR fire resistant water based varnish with a matt finish which achieves a GROUP 1S on most timber substrates. It is a revolutionary coating, which applies easily at low cost to achieve great aesthetics and performance.

FireZone 52 is a WHITE fire resistant coating which has testing on many substrates including timber, plasterboard, fibrous plaster and fibre cement board. The product develops a thick char when exposed to fire, which effectively insulates the substrate from the fire.

With a track history of over 10 years in NZ as the leading supplier of intumescent coatings, Zone are your trusted and reliable resource for any intumescent coating enquiries.

Phoenix Intumescent Coating for Steel

Phoenix intumescent coatings are available in water and solvent based options to provide 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute fire ratings to structural steel.

The Phoenix product range consistently delivers low film build requirements, which directly translates into savings in material and labour costs on the job. Phoenix intumescent can be applied with a wide range of primers and top coats, and can be spray applied to achieve a quality finish that rivals traditional protective coatings. 

Isolatek Spray Applied Fireproofing Material

Isolatek International, a 135 year old US company, is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of proprietary passive fire resistive materials protecting commercial, industrial, petrochemical and tunnel projects.