Pleasuredome touted itself as a fully immersive musical experience that mirrored a 1980’s New York streetscape. Set in an industrial warehouse in West Auckland, the production team aimed to provide patrons with an experience like no other, complete with hot dogs carts, a fully functional bar, props, and actors that transported patrons to 1980’s New York.

Requirement and Specification

Being a commercial setting, including a fully functional restaurant and bar, the appropriate fire ratings needed to be adhered to by the team putting the set together to achieve Council sign off. For this set a Group 2S Fire rating was required. Certain components of the set would not achieve this rating so, Approved Applicator Paul Ny approached Zone for advice on a solution. After trialling a few samples, FireZone 52 was selected to achieve the desired look.

Specification: FZ52-1S


The low VOC, all waterbased FireZone 52 system provided the Pleasuredome team with a suitable look that achieved the surface finish requirements for the set. The crowds that showed up loved the immersive experience and the show went on to achieve rave reviews.