Tantalus Estate


Tantalus Estate is a glorious reinvention by the client and Cheshire Architects of what was in fact a rather crappy building in a magnificent location on Waiheke Island.  Spaces were transformed and became deeply relaxing, sumptuous, warm and luxurious using generous amounts of lightly blonded recycled kauri ceiling batons.  Tis was one of the first projects using FireZone 92 and Zone worked closely with Cheshire Architects by  providing multiple samples to ensure just the right look. 

Requirement and Specification

Achieve Group 1S on recycled Kauri to create real ambience.  Apply on site to avoid any transit damage.   

Specification: FZ92-1S


Sharp Decorating Solutions were awarded the contract and applied the FireZone 92 clear coat system on site. 

Sumptuous, luxurious spaces are enjoyed, seemingly unconstrained by the fire code.   The sheer beauty of kauri comes through to be enjoyed. 

Tantalis Estate has been recognised as a fabulous reinvention that compliments everything that Waiheke stands for.