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Fire Rated Solutions Quick Reference Guide
Fire Rated Solutions Quick Reference Guide

The following table includes all ZONE Fire Rated Systems. Please click the product links for further information on each product or call 09 623 1699 to speak to a real person.

Key Benefits
Compatible with
Masterspec #
Interior C1, C2 + limited C3
Thin film intumescent coatings
Interior - Optional decorative topcoat. Specify finish level
FRR 30, 60, 90 & 120
Lower environmental impact
Enclosed site applied by Zone approved applicators
Matched with Jotun primers and decorative coatings
Add NewMust be protected from moisture
Interior C1, C2, C3 & Exterior C3, C4, C5
Interior as above. Exterior - Select suitable protective coating system. Ref AS/NZS 2312:1:2014. Specify level of finish
FRR 30, 60, 90, 120 & 180. Can be exposed to weathering during construction
Add NewBetter durability / more water resistant. Competitive film builds. Enhanced buildabilituy (site weathering)
Spray applied on site by Zone Approved Applicators
Jotun and selected suitable OM primers and protective coatings systems
Smell nuissance. Higher VOC levels. Avoid dark topcoats. Additional cost to achieve high levels of finish.
Thin film epoxy intumescents
Smoother finish - specify suitable / compatible protective coating
High durability
As above + shop applied option
Price Premium
Larger Interior Steel Sections, Steel Decks & Concrete
Vermiculite / Portland cement or gypsum based
Rough paper mache Or concrete like
FRR 90, 120, 240 Esp efficient at higher FRR’s
Significant savings on the right job - e.g. large sections, large projects, hidden from view and higher FRR’s
Spray applied early in project to lightly rusted steel - no primer. Option for trowel applied.
Typically interfaces with intumescent used in selected areas
Thick (Typcially ≥25mm). Suits different builld programme.
Interior Timber
Intumescent coating system
Polyurethane Clear Satin or Matt
Group 1-S
NZ’s favourite All waterbased Versatile
Site applied
Most waterborne stains. Topcoat options.
Dry interior use only
Interior & Exterior Timber
Fire retardant penetrant systems
Natural Invisible

Group 1
Type A
Cradle to Cradle - Gold

Durability, sustainability & processed locally
Shop applied at Zone Auckland facility
Selected stains & topcoats Many species
Selected timbers, stains & top coats
Interior Timber
Intumescent basecoats
Paint finish (by others)
Group 1-S
Waterbased paint finsh
Site spray applied Value option
Decorative interior topcoats (by others)
Dry interior use only
Interior & Exterior Timber

Group 1
Type A & B
BAL 29 (Aus)

Excellent durability Bushfire mitigation Proximity solution
Site or shop spray, brush or roll applied
Exterior acrylic topcoats (by others)
Self priming
Seismic Gaps Floors and walls

Thin sheet
Foam sandwich
Ceramic Blanket

Hidden from view
1, 2 & 3 hr (UL) with 1 hr BRANZ Opinions to AS/NZ5660

Excellent close
Easy install
Extreme gaps
E.J. availble

Site installed behind or under seismic joints

Seismic joint covers
Complex movements

Small gaps
Small gaps
Large gaps
Limited Opinions

Selected wall & ceiling arrangements
Intumescent Basecoat
Add NewWhite basecoat for topcoat of your choice
Upgrades existing FRR on selected substrates /conditions
Converts building project to paint job
Site applied
Decorative interior topcoats (by others)
Dry interior environments only
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