Zone Architectural Products are proud to be associated with Isolatek International, as the exclusive distributor of Isolatek products in Australia and New Zealand. The synergy between Zone’s expertise in fire rating of structural steel, and the Isolatek brand and products, make an ideal partnership to provide world class fire protection advice and products in Australia and New Zealand.

About Isolatek

Isolatek International, a 135 year old US company, is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of proprietary Passive Fire Resistive Materials protecting commercial, industrial, petrochemical and tunnel projects.

Isolatek International is the trade name of United States Mineral Products Company.

It was over a half century ago that Isolatek introduced its first spray applied fireproofing material under the brand name, CAFCO®. In the early years of its entry into fire protection, Isolatek concentrated its efforts on meeting the needs of the commercial segment of the non-residential construction industry.

The owners of Isolatek International split the company into two entities in the early 90’s with geographic exclusivity for brand use and sales along with an agreement to share current and future technology. Isolatek International was given the Americas under the agreement. Cafco International, based in Europe, obtained the responsibility for the rest of the world.

Isolatek International broadened its offerings in the 90’s. It developed and introduced its water-based intumescent coatings, SprayFilm®. The introduction of CAFCO-BOARD® along with SprayFilm®, provided architects with unique fire protection solutions and options. The acquisition of FENDOLITE® M-II through the purchase of Mandoval Limited, gave the company the global leadership in hydrocarbon fire protection. By the end of the decade, Isolatek International had the broadest array of fire protection materials meeting the needs of customers across all non-residential construction sectors.

In 2007, coinciding with the sale of Cafco International, the geographic exclusivity granted each of the companies was vacated and each company was now able to compete globally. The technology exchange agreement between the two entities was also terminated. This meant that all future technology developed by Isolatek would be proprietary.

The subsequent years have seen Isolatek International take passive fire proofing technology to a new level concurrent with our global expansion that includes three manufacturing operations outside the Americas to complement our six in the Americas.

Isolatek International Today markets its products under the CAFCO® trademark throughout the Americas and other markets and under the ISOLATEK® trademark throughout the world.


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