Project Description

 The Architect, Warren & Mahoney responsible for the design of the three seismically separated buildings that rise to six storeys.  MIT is constructed around and over a fully-operational train station. 

The roof span itself is some 26m across the structure and the building is complex in design. Being the first significant building after the Christchurch earthquake, it features large seismic gaps in ceilings, walls and floors which were accommodated by Balco.

 Requirement and Specification

The importance of Balco being chosen for the project was their ability to customise seismic profiles, minimising site lines on the ceiling and incorporating the beautiful ceiling panelling chosen by the architect. 

Other seismic joints included floor to wall transitions requiring gaps of 170mm and up to 350mm in some instances.


MIT is an award-winning project by Warren & Mahoney that has provided a flexible learning space for their clients, and a major piece of infrastructure in Manakau, Auckland.