Phoenix is a global player in the development and manufacture of corrosion and fire protection coatings for steel.

ZONE represents Phoenix in New Zealand and chose Phoenix as a supply partner because of the synergies between the businesses in terms of innovation and our joint focus on ‘new generation’ coatings that break down the historical barriers associated with intumescents.

Phoenix is a new generation intumescent coating that works as insulation for structural steel, to keep it below the critical steel temperature during a fire. A steel section that reaches its critical steel temperature will begin to deform and affect the structural integrity of a building. Phoenix essentially keeps the structural steel in a building sound, for a period of time, to ensure that inhabitants can exit the building in the event of a fire. When exposed to extreme heat, the intumescent will foam and char up to 50 times its thickness, to protect the steel. The applied thickness varies depending on the shape, dimension and critical steel temperature of the structural member.

Key Product Attributes

  • Tested to BS476: Part 21
  • Fire Resistance Ratings of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes available
  • Water based
  • Low odour
  • Low VOC’s
  • Architectural finishes simply achieved
  • Typically a lower film build requirement when compared to competitive product for the same level of Fire Resistance Rating
  • Strong ‘in service’ performance

Phoenix Coatings are only applied by Zone Approved Applicators. Please contact Zone for a list of Approved Applicators in your region.

Visit for more information and technical data or contact Zone.


Masterspec # 6742ZP