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Expansion Joints & Fire Barriers

Expansion Joints & Fire Barriers

Quality Seismic Joints and Fire Barriers for floors, walls, ceilings and exterior


Specify directly through Masterspec Section 4824ZB using the Quick Reference Guide to assist with selections, or by getting in touch with one of our specialists for project specific specification writing assistance and technical support. A resource rich product offering, with CAD/BIM available for most seismic covers and associated fire farriers (Single/Combined). Reach out to our specification team ( to request an Expansion Joints 101 training session for your practice (approx 45mins) with light refreshments provided.


Zone Balco Seismic Expansion Joints and Associated Fire Barriers tested or assessed to global standards including ASTM E1399, ASTM E1966,UL 2079 and AS 1530.3.

Balco continuously strive to incorporate the latest technology and innovations to safeguard commercial buildings against damages caused by fires and movement from thermal expansion, wind, or earthquakes.

Project Requirements

The range offers a wide selection of architectural seismic covers, incl custom sizes, materials, and colours to cater to your project’s specific needs and provide you with the best product possible. Visit the Balco website for most up to date information and profiles. Call your local Zone rep to run through any questions you might have relating to your NZ or wider Pacific project.


With an extensive portfolio of projects and a nationwide network of Certified Installers, Zone offers end-to-end design support including shop drawings, installation, and services relating to the supply of these specialist systems. Building solutions with integrity.


Fully tested as a complete system including components and fire rated accessories (blankets/foam seals)

  • Systems have movement from ±50% to ±100% Expansion/Contraction
  • Flush or surface mounted options
  • Select light use or heavy duty systems for high traffic areas
  • Performance tested for seismic, thermal and wind movement
  • Contributes to LEED credits


Zone Architectural Products provide a project specific sampling service. Please contact one of our specialists to discuss your project requirements.


Specification and Technical Information

Balco’s range of Products including Fire Barrier Systems

Balco Expansion Joint Systems and Seismic Joint Covers are the vanguards of architecturally specified products. From parking garages to hospitals, schools, shopping centers, hotels, airports, restaurants and banks, Balco’s priority is building safety. To find out more about Balco expansion joints contact Zone directly to assist with your design, or select products from the categories below:


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