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Steel and Concrete Fire Coatings

Steel and Concrete Fire Coatings

Thin Film Intumescent coatings & SFRM systems provide critical passive fire protection to structural steel for the construction industry.

SteelMaster Thin Film Intumescent Coatings by Jotun

Zone is NZ’s exclusive supplier of Intumescent Coatings from world leading Norwegian based Jotun. The full range of Jotun SteelMaster waterborne, solvent based and epoxy intumescent systems provide industry best, fit-for-purpose solutions and outstanding levels of fire protection on structural steel without compromising design aesthetics. Cost effective, competitive film builds and independently certified greener options are available. Add to that a new strategic supply partnership where Proline NZ supply Jotun primers, topcoats and protective coating systems. You get a single Jotun system with double the support.

SFRM (Sprayed Fire-Resistant Material)

Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material (SFRM) is the technical term used for Spray Applied Fireproofing. It is a type of passive fireproofing used in buildings to delay or prevent steel and concrete structures from failing due to exposure to high temperatures during a fire. The primary function of SFRM is to insulate steel and metal decking from the high temperatures generated during a fire, but it also has thermal and acoustical properties and controls condensation.

SFRM is composed of cement or gypsum and may contain other materials such as mineral wool, quartz, perlite, or vermiculite to help lighten the solution or to add air as an insulator. Chemical hardeners may be used to speed up hardening or make the final fireproofing harder than normal. It is available as a wet or dry spray formula and can be troweled on. Modern formulas are asbestos-free and do not contain free crystalline silica.

Key attributes

  • Meet the requirements of various building codes and standards, including BS 476, AS 1530.4, ASTM E119, and UL 263.
  • Provide up to 240mins FRR Fire Protection on a range of substrates.
  • Isolatek Type 400 and MII are highly durable and can withstand exposure to the elements, making it a long-lasting fire protection solution for buildings.
  • Can be easily sprayed onto building components, making it a convenient and efficient fire protection solution.

The best product for the right situation

With our unique range of intumescent paint coatings and SFRM systems, Zone has a product for all New Zealand conditions. Our specification service ensures that we choose the best products for the right site conditions. Our technical knowledge will assist in making those choices, relative to the environmental conditions as guided by AS/NZS 2312:2014. With over 10 years of successful project history in NZ, our range is a solid choice by specifiers.

Recommended Primers & Topcoats

Zone have recommended (but not limited to) a range of primers that are under our intumescent coatings when applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. (Refer Technical section or contact one of our team for more info) It is always recommended that high performance intumescent is used in conjunction with high performance primers and acceptable methods of surface preparation.

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Steel and Concrete Fire Coatings Product Comparision Table

Please use below table to asssist in specifying the best product for your project. In addition call us on 09 623 1699 for assistance.

Key Benefits
Compatible with
Masterspec #
Interior C1, C2 + limited C3
Thin film intumescent coatings
Interior - Optional decorative topcoat. Specify finish level
FRR 30, 60, 90 & 120
Lower environmental impact
Enclosed site applied by Zone approved applicators
Matched with Jotun primers and decorative coatings
Add NewMust be protected from moisture
Interior C1, C2, C3 & Exterior C3, C4, C5
Interior as above. Exterior - Select suitable protective coating system. Ref AS/NZS 2312:1:2014. Specify level of finish
FRR 30, 60, 90, 120 & 180. Can be exposed to weathering during construction
Add NewBetter durability / more water resistant. Competitive film builds. Enhanced buildabilituy (site weathering)
Spray applied on site by Zone Approved Applicators
Jotun and selected suitable OM primers and protective coatings systems
Smell nuissance. Higher VOC levels. Avoid dark topcoats. Additional cost to achieve high levels of finish.
Price Premium
Thin film epoxy intumescents
Smoother finish - specify suitable / compatible protective coating
High durability
As above + shop applied option
Price Premium
Larger Interior Steel Sections, Steel Decks & Concrete
Vermiculite / Portland cement or gypsum based
Rough paper mache Or concrete like
FRR 90, 120, 240 Esp efficient at higher FRR’s
Significant savings on the right job - e.g. large sections, large projects, hidden from view and higher FRR’s
Spray applied early in project to lightly rusted steel - no primer. Option for trowel applied.
Typically interfaces with intumescent used in selected areas
Thick (Typcially ≥25mm). Suits different builld programme.


Please use the filters below to assist with finding the most suitable product. Or call a real person on 09 623 1699.

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