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Washroom Accessories

Washroom Accessories


Zone is pleased to offer the range of Bobrick Commercial Bathroom Equipment the New Zealand Market. Bobrick offers diverse stainless steel washroom accessories for various design requirements.


Specify directly through Masterspec Section 7153ZC, using the Bobrick Website to assist with selections (see below for product categories). Bobrick has a resource rich product offering, with BIM available for the full Bobrick and Koala Kare range. Get in touch with one of our local specialists for project specific specification writing assistance and technical support, or a Bobrick training session for your practice to discuss the latest generation of washroom accessories.


Bobrick’s stainless steel washroom accessories are specifically crafted to deliver compliant dispensing and washroom solutions for contemporary restrooms. Products are rigorously cycle-tested to ensure compliance with safety and accessibility standards to ensure that the range caters to a diverse range of users, including those with accessibility needs, bariatric or healthcare requirements, and multi-generational users. Moreover, they are designed to endure the lifetime of the building, providing a durable and long-lasting solution to washroom needs. More reading on Stainless Steel further down.

Project Requirements

The range offers attractive products and inclusive accommodations to cater to your project’s specific needs and provide you with the best product possible. Visit the Bobrick website for most up to date information and profiles. Visit the Bobrick Resource Center for inspiration for your next project.


With an extensive portfolio of projects and a nationwide network of Merchants and Installers, a Zone Bobrick specification offers end-to-end design support including specification, schedules, installation, and services relating to the supply and ongoing maintenance of your units including local stock of spare parts. Please email for the most up to date installer information in your area, or reach out to your local rep.


Bobrick aims to design for the life of the building, and is committed to environmental sustainability in global product design, manufacturing and operations. Utilising Stainless Steel offers benefits in itself, as it can be recycled at end of life unlike many plastic units which are commonly used. We are also committed to assisting our clients in the planning and implementation of a sustainable building and operating strategy through supporting long-term operating cost reductions and incorporating social responsibility. Utilizing up to 70% recycled stainless steel in manufacturing is just one of many initiatives Bobrick has implemented to reduce their global impact.

See the Bobrick Green page for more info.


Zone Architectural Products provide a project specific sampling service. Please contact one of our specialists to discuss your project requirements.


Specification and Technical Information


You can choose from the range of Bobrick products on offer below or head over to our shopping site at

Soap Dispensers

Bobrick offers a wide variety of soap dispensers, including counter-mounted and wall-mounted units, dispensing systems and new Designer Series with matching faucets.

Toilet Roll Dispensers

From recessed to surface-mounted and single-roll to multi-roll toilet tissue dispensers, Bobrick’s selection provides the options you need to complete your toilet compartment design.

Shower Seats

Bobrick’s range of folding shower seats is designed to enhance hygiene and safety in commercial bathroom environments.


Bobrick’s mirror offering includes LED backlit and sidelit mirrors, frameless mirror, channel frame mirrors and more.

Paper Waste Receptacles

From surface-mounted to recessed to floor-standing receptacles, Bobrick is here to help you fulfill your restroom’s waste collection and disposal needs.

Paper Towel Dispensers

Elevate aesthetics with clean, stainless steel design. Eliminate stub roll waste. Discourage handful dispensing. Achieve your design and operational objectives with Paper Towel Dispensers from Bobrick.

Combination Units

Make efficient use of space and create an efficient hand drying experience with Bobrick Combination Towel/Waste Units, featuring recessed options, automatic operation, interchangeable modules and more.

Sharps Disposal Unit

Quality Bobrick health care accessories including specimen pass through cabinets, sharps disposal cabinets, paper holders and charting stations.

Grab Bars

Meet accessibility requirements with Bobrick’s extensive selection of satin-finish stainless steel and vinyl-coated grab bars available in straight and 90-degree designs.

Whether you need form, function or both, Bobrick hand dryers deliver. Choose from a range of units that harmonize with your restroom’s design, enable significant cost and resource savings, ease janitorial workload and comply with accessibility requirements.

Promote hygiene with Bobrick Sanitary Napkin Disposals, including surface-mounted and recessed models.

Bobrick Bathroom Accessories are engineered to enhance commercial bathrooms, including hospital and hotel bathrooms, by providing convenient access to hygiene amenities.

Buy Bobrick Products Online

Bobrick now has a shopping site for NZ customers! You asked and we delivered! has a full range of products stocked in NZ available and ready to order.

Buy Bobrick Products Online

Bobrick now has a shopping site for NZ customers! You asked and we delivered! has a full range of products stocked in NZ available and ready to order.

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