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Jotun SteelMaster 1200HPE High Performance Epoxy Intumescent Coating

Jotun SteelMaster 1200HPE High Performance Epoxy Intumescent Coating


Specified for: Exterior and high traffic Structural Steel
Substrate Thickness: Various
Fire Rating: 30 to 120 minutes
Format: Epoxy thin film intumescent

Fire protection with weather protection & fast constructability

SteelMaster 1200HPE is a 100% solids high-performance epoxy intumescent protective product for greater levels of fire performance with the added protection and robust properties to withstand a wider range of elements, whether that be extreme weather or impact protection. This is the ideal intumescent product for applying off-site, allowing for a faster construction phase. Coats can be applied in a single shift, so turnaround times and constructability are dramatically improved.

Key Features:

  • Ultimate fire protection
  • Solvent free epoxy fire protection
  • Designed for off-site application
  • Fast constructability
  • High impact protection
  • High weather resistance

Achieve more from your application

Suitable for beams, columns and hollow sections, this high-performance epoxy has no water or solvent to evaporate, meaning no waiting around. Your project can now be fire protected in a single day. The result is robust, fire-protected steel that can be shop applied and delivered to construction sites quickly with less risk of damage or can be applied on site. This product offers maximum fire-protection ranging from 15 minutes through to two hours, forming a char around your steel during fire, preserving the integrity of steel, in turn preserving the integrity of a building during fire, which can ultimately save lives.

Fire protection that brings out The beauty of your steel design. Show your strength

Expressing steel as an architectural feature can be an intrinsic part of modern architecture. The structure can be the hero. Form and function work together in tandem to create architecture that can, quite literally, show its strength.

Quality finish. Less repairs.

In protecting the integrity of your building, it’s also good to be able to protect the aesthetics too. SteelMaster 1200HPE is 100% epoxy, giving an ultra-tough intumescent coating quickly and easily. The formulation is a high-solid, two-pack intumescent, giving a quality finish when applied inaccordance with Jotun’s guidance.  Hold up has been expertly balanced against sag resistance, ensuring a uniform finish.

Formulation also allows for fast curing, meaning coats can be applied in a single shift, so turnaround times and constructability is dramatically increased.

SteelMaster 1200HPE is tested to withstand weathering and impact and is also tested to industry standards such as ISO12944 to ensure high performance.

Jotun protects property

The Jotun Group is the expert in protecting steel. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paints, coatings and powder coatings. Jotun’s operations ensure the very best in paint systems and products to protect and enhance surfaces in the residential, shipping and industrial markets. Everything we do, from development to production, marketing, sales and consultancy for various paint systems and products to protect the property of our customers the world over.

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