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Kakapo Creek Children’s Garden

Client: Kakapo Creek
Zone Products: FireZone Vanguard
Timber Substrate: SD Pine Radiata Plywood
Timber Supplier: Plytech
Architect: Smith Architects
Builder:  Meridian Construction

Kakapo Creek is an early learning center located in Mairangi Bay, designed to accommodate up to 100 children. The center's concept is based on the idea of Nga Hau E Wha, the four winds, symbolizing a meeting place for people from diverse backgrounds. The building's circular shape represents this idea, with a central meeting area and four classrooms surrounding it.

The building’s design was influenced by the curve of a nearby stream that forms the site’s northern boundary. This feature creates a sense of belonging and integrates the structure with its natural surroundings. The classrooms are fully glazed onto the courtyard, providing a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

To achieve a unified appearance, the design incorporates a timber glulam/ply roof canopy and green roof, which blend the building with the environment. FireZone Vanguard was chosen to provide a natural finish to the plywood ceilings and external soffits where needed.

The architectural design and use of materials at Kakapo Creek reflect the center’s commitment to promoting a learning environment that fosters growth, connection, and inclusivity. The learning center offers a space for children to learn and develop while also fostering a sense of community and connectivity among people from all walks of life.

Products Used

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