Project Description

A visually stunning ceiling has been created. FireZone 92 Clear has provided the architect with the freedom to express the warmth of natural timber while achieving a Group 1S rating to meet the NZ Building Code. 


Wellington airport expands its main terminal and concourses. Challenges included how to merge new areas with those already existing, despite changes to the fire code and new product availability. 

Requirement and specification

Provide a clear coat that achieves Group 1S fire rating to bare, previously uncoated plywood. Apply with minimal disruption to other trades and avoid any disruption to airport operations in adjacent areas. Match to timber and coatings in existing areas. 


Bold, confident, natural timber that visually dominates the ceiling space to provide a sense of security and strength that reassures passengers that they are in a safe space. FireZone 92 Clear provides the highest fire rating (Group 1S) to almost any timber chosen by the designer. Celebrate timber, celebrate New Zealand. Celebrate an intumescent clear coat that lets you have it all.