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ISK-300 Commercial / Low Density Isolatek – Overview

Fire rated Material for Structural Steel

ISK-300 Commercial / Low Density Isolatek – Overview

Fire rated Material for Structural Steel

Specified for: Interior linings
Substrate Thickness: Various
Fire Rating: Group 1-S
Format: Clear intumescent coating

Isolatek Spray Applied Fire Resistant Material


With exceptional thermal performance on steel & concrete

Zone are proud to be associated with Isolatek International, as the exclusive distributor of Isolatek spray applied fire resistant material (SFRM) in Australia and New Zealand.

The synergy between Zone’s expertise in fire rating of structural steel, and the Isolatek brand and products, make an ideal partnership to provide world class fire protection advice and products in Australia and New Zealand.

ISOLATEK International is the leading, single-source global manufacturer of Commercial, Medium, and High-Density Spray-Applied Fire Resistance Materials (SFRMs).  Zone works with a small number of approved applicators to solutions to meet design objectives and satisfy life-safety requirements.

ISOLATEK International has over 140-years in manufacturing thermal and PFP materials.


What is Spray Applied Fire Resistant Material for commercial construction?

Isolatek is designed for use on black steel and its composition is either gypsum-based or cementitious depending on the product selected.

Sprayed onto the steel sections insitu, Isolatek’s thermal performance advantages, provide cost-saving options to projects where large steel sections are specified.

Around the world, the majority of concealed construction fire protection is SFRM products.  It is not so much new technology, but improved technology and we are observing an increase in buildings specified using Isolatek products.


Isolatek Advantages

  • Thermally Efficient – Types 300 /400 offer the best fire performance per unit thickness
  • Leading Physical Performance – ISOLATEK products are unmatched in Density, Bond-Strength, Compressive Strength, and Air Erosion Resistance
  • Non-Combustible – passes ASTM E-136/Class A1 European Non-Combustibility per EN 13501-1 Thermal Insulation – Types 300 / 400 provide additional value as a thermal insulator
  • Sound Absorption – Types 300 / 400 provide additional value for Noise Reduction (NRC) Quick Drying Technology – Type 300 has the option of Accelerated Injection to flash set the applied product the same day to achieve required thicknesses in a timely manner as well as to increase the yield
  • Extended Set Technology – less waste water eliminates the need for daily flushing and priming of material hoses, resulting in additional spray time to increase productivity while also reducing and diverting construction waste and wastewater from disposal – Type 300 only
  • Cement-Based Type 400 – provides an extremely durable and weatherable product – ideal for areas where resistance to physical abuse, abrasion forces, impact resistance, and use in unconditioned spaces is required
  • Assessment Reports – our comprehensive Loading Tables are easily understood resulting in reducing installation errors due to ambiguity – I-Section columns & beams are clearly distinguished from HSS hollow-sections

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