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Other FRR Solutions
Other FRR Solutions

Upgrades FRR to load bearing plasterboard, lathe & plaster, fibrous plaster, fibre cement plasterboard ceilings, walls and heritage structural timber.

ZONE combine expert technical advice with a preferred installer network to bring the construction industry a range of fire protection systems for timber you can specify with confidence for over 10 years.

The fully water based, low VOC range of FireZone™ products, comprises of four core systems which both enable new construction and encourage the use of existing surfaces, to help with compliance. This includes, but is not limited to Clear and Pigmented systems for:

  • Internal FRR upgrades,
  • Surface Finish requirements,
  • Solution(s) for boundary compliance on external weatherboards

FireZone™ 52, and FireZone™ 42 are designed to achieve FRR upgrades on various timber and plasterboard substrates

We are passionate about re-utilising existing construction where possible to reduce waste going to landfill. Using the FireZone™ range with its extensive test history we can work with project Fire Engineers to establish how historic buildings can be protected, and enjoyed by generations to come.

Contact our team for project specific samples on your selected substrate.


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