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Zolatone Flex Dimensions

Paint with Texture, Patina and Dimension

Zolatone Flex Dimensions

Paint with Texture, Patina and Dimension

Specified for: Interior linings
Substrate Thickness: Various

Durable Textured Paint For High Traffic Interiors - More Than Just Good Looks!

Zolatone Interior Coatings offer outstanding performance and design alternatives for interior wall surfaces.

Proven in the New Zealand and tropical South Pacific environment for over 15 years, the success of Zolatone is built on a nationwide installation history in hospitals, schools, universities, banks, hotels, convention centres, airports, courthouses, police stations, gymnasiums and halls.

What is Zolatone?

Zolatone is 100% acrylic, textured paint made up of varying shades and layers of colored particles. In effect, Zolatone conceals scuffs and stains and protects your high traffic areas for up to 6000 scrubs.

Touch-ups and maintenance can be carried out without having to repaint the whole room.

Colour choices include a standard locally mixed range including colour matches to your project colour pallet using subtle tone on tones and visually textured styles. Consider a texture to your black white, which increases the scrub resistance for high wear/high traffic areas.

Where should I use Zolatone?

Literally on any surface you want to.  Its tactile surface and subtle blend of colors add an inviting textural and dimensional element to your interior design.

  • Walls and features
  • Stairwells, cloakrooms
  • Hallways and corridors
  • High traffic interiors
  • Less than ideal surfaces

Today’s facilities seldom have the luxury of a day off.  Healthcare and other busy environments can’t easily shut down to accommodate updates and maintenance. Interiors like these demand a great looking finish that’s easy to apply and maintain, that’s where Flex Dimensions comes in. Flex Dimensions creates a unique blend of colors with unbeatable hide that conceals imperfections in walls and keeps them looking better longer – with much less maintenance – than ordinary paints and coatings.

Case history in New Zealand has proven that Flex Dimensions still looks great after 10 years of being applied to walls of hotels, schools and commercial buildings where there is high traffic.  Some of our most iconic buildings have Zolatone painted surfaces.

Finish Data

  • Coverage – Up to 160 sqft per gallon
  • Scrub Rating – ~5000 (ASTM D-2486)
  • Application – Rolled
  • VOC Level – <50 g/L
  • Sold in 1 or 5 gallon drums
  • Mildew and Fungus Resistance – Tested to Methodology: ASTM D3273

An accelerated test to determine the resistance of interior coatings to bacteria and fungal growth.

These tests demonstrate the resistance of paint to bacteria and fungal growth on the dried paint film.  The growth of fungi and mildew in and on the dried paint film.  The growth of fungi and mildew in and on interior surfaces is a major cause of the discolouration and disfigurement of those surfaces.  Zolatone’s unique formulation resists the growth of mould and mildew.

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