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FireZone 92 Clear Intumescent Coating

For new or existing timber interior surface linings

FireZone 92 Clear Intumescent Coating

For new or existing timber interior surface linings

Specified for: Interior surface linings
Substrate Requirements: ≥9mm & ≥338kg/m3
Fire Rating: Group 1-S
Product Type: Clear intumescent coating

FireZone 92 is a clear intumescent coating for timber substrates, trusted and supplied directly by Zone Architectural Products as the most user friendly and versatile solution in the New Zealand market for over 8 years. Specify this system when a clear coat polyurethane finish is desired.


Specify directly through Masterspec Section 6743ZF or by getting in touch with one of our specialists for project specific specification writing assistance and technical support. Specification can be linked directly to your preferred timber suppliers Masterspec Section.


Achieves a Group 1-S fire rating for internal spread of smoke and flame, according to NZBC Clause 3.4(a). Tested to EN 13501-1:2018, the latest European classification, achieving a B-d0-s1 result. This is the highest result possible on timber substates.

Substrate Requirements

Timber substrates must be for internal use only, with a minimum density of ≥338 kg/m3 and minimum thickness of ≥9mm.

For external, semi-external or high moisture environments please refer to FireZone Vanguard.

It is appropriate for most timber species typically specified in the New Zealand market, with the exception of thermally modified timbers (TMT). All clear intumescent coatings have clarity issues with TMT substrates. For TMT substrates please refer to the FireZone Vanguard system.


Can be applied either on or offsite by FireZone approved applicators. Either spray application or brush and roller using standard clear coat application techniques is appropriate. For the best possible finish, spray application is advised.

As a fully water-based system, it is preferred by on and offsite applicators due to the lack of solvent fumes and relatively fast drying times.


Fully water based system.

Low VOC of 69g/L – fits within the Greenstar Build requirements.

No Redlist chemicals.

Previously coated or stained substrates

The FireZone 92 system can be used over previous coated or stained substrates using the FireZone 92 adhesion primer as a sealer coat.

For previously coated substrates please contact one of our specialists directly to discuss compatibility or organise an adhesion test.

If a stain is desired, please specify a water-based stain. Contact one of our specialists directly to discuss compatible stains.


The FireZone 92 topcoat has been redeveloped as a water-based, hardwearing topcoat designed for high wear and tear environments.

The topcoat can be used as a general coating for timber when the fire rating is only required on a portion of the timber substrates within a fire cell, achieving a Group 3 rating without the intumescent basecoat. This allows a consistent finish to be achieved throughout your project.

A double topcoat can be specified in areas of high wear and tear for extra protection.

On dark substrates, such as black stained timber, we recommend either using FireZone Vanguard, or specifying a water-based stain to be combined with the topcoat. Please contact one of our specialists for more information.


Zone Architectural Products provide a project specific sampling service. Please contact one of our specialists to discuss your project requirements.

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